Getting Started

Getting started with Avanty

Create your account

You need an account to use Avanty. Create your account here (opens in a new tab). To authenticate, you can use your email and password, or your GitHub account. Avanty comes with a 14-day free trial that you can select at sign-up.

Install the browser extension

After creating your account, head to the Chrome Web Store (opens in a new tab) to install the Avanty browser extension. You will be automatically signed in as long as you are also signed in on (opens in a new tab).

Avanty currently supports all Chromium-based browsers. This includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Arc Browser, Vivaldi, Opera and others. Note that this does not include Firefox, Safari, and others.


Required permissions
Currently, your browser will say that Avanty can "read and change all your data on all websites". This is due to a limitation of the browser itself. Avanty never reads, accesses or modifies any other browsing data.
Read more about why we require these permissions.

Open your Metabase app

Go to your Metabase app. If you previously had the site open, refresh it. Open an existing SQL-based question in Metabase, or click on "+ New > SQL query" in the top right corner. If the SQL editor is closed by default, click on "Open Editor".

Now, you will see the Avanty button above the SQL editor, next to the name of your selected database.

Generate your first SQL query

First, make sure you have selected a database for the current query within Metabase. Then, click on the Avanty button and select Generate Query.

You should now see the following user interface:

Type in your first question about your data! Some example prompts could look like this:

  • "Number of signups per country, last 7 days"
  • "Average cumulative revenue per day of month"
  • "Which customer has created the most blog posts?"

Now, hit "Generate" 🚀

🎉 Next Steps

Congrats, you just used AI to generate your first SQL query! Think about the time saved - using Avanty a few times per day or week can really add up.

To continue, check out the below articles.

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